Projects Made Possible by SHEF:

  • Starlab an inflatable planetarium used regularly in all school buildings.

  • Walt Whitman High School’s weather station.

  • Video Projection System for the Walt Whitman High School’s Performing Arts Center, providing the capability for video conferencing, distance learning and multi-media presentations.

  • Enhanced classroom materials for the MSTe project in the elementary schools, a 5 year National Science Foundation Project to implement math, science and technology standards at the elementary level.

  • Construction of a Professional Quality Dance Studio in Walt Whitman High School.

  • Development of a Marine Eco-System in Walt Whitman High School to expand scientific investigation.

  • Purchase of AlphaSmarts – portable word processors for elementary classroom use.

  • Purchase of SMARTBoards – interactive computer monitors.  In 2006, fifteen were provided by SHEF for classroom use.

  • Installation of Rock Climbing Walls at Maplewood and Birchwood to supplement the physical education program

  • The purchase of IPad carts, each stocked with 30 IPads, for both Maplewood and Birchwood Elementary Schools.