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Community Member and First-time Miles for Michael Participant

I’m very grateful for the organizers and the administration that oversees the Miles for Michael race at the SHUFSD to add the Challenged Athlete Division this year! It sends out such a powerful message of inclusion, participation and acceptance to members of our community. Special thanks to Dr. David Bennardo and Ms. Sheila Buhse for considering my request and making it happen!

Walt Whitman HS Student and Coding Club President

Thanks to a generous donation from SHEF, a new Coding Club has started at Walt Whitman High School. I’m excited to get more people involved and to have fun with computer science.

SHUFSD Alumni, Parent and SHEF Gala Attendee

As an alumni and now a SHUFSD parent, I attended the SHEF Gala, which was a great way to celebrate our wonderful school community. Thank You to SHEF for all that you do to support the high quality education of our South Huntington students! While there, I entered raffles and won a certificate for my son to attend a Wildcat Camp of his choice over the summer. In the words of my son, "Thank You SHEF! Wildcat camp was really fun and we even got to play mini golf!


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